Silicon Coated Waved Ribbon Power Wire Wound Resistors

DQR and DQN series (support Vitreous Enamel coating DQVR)

  • DQR - Waved / Corrugated Ribbon WireWound Resistors up to 20000W ( 20kW )
  • DQN - Low Inductance Waved / Corrugated Ribbon Power Resistors up to 20,000W ( 20kW )
  • DQVR - Vitreous Vitreous Enamel Wire Wound Resistors : up to 1kW
  • Adjustable Power Resistors - DQS series is available.
  • good for Continuous Load and Short Time over Load application
  • can be used to build Resistor Load Bank
  • support low and high ohmic resistance
  • support multi-resistances per resistor requirement ( Multi-Terminals )
  • support Vitreous Enamel coating for harsh conditions requirement
  • better surge current handling capacity
  • better heat radiation, convection and conduction
  • resistance is manufactured according to customer's application need
  • for High Current Resistor requirement and application, please tell working Voltage and loading time. Different Voltage can cause different resistor current. In turn different raw material and production process are needed to withstand the load resistor current and heat.
  • Precision Resistance Tolerance +/-0.1% +/-0.5% +/-1% +/-5% +/-10% +/-20%
  • support resistor power, resistance and resistor size not listed below. Please feel free to contact us.
  • For Power larger than 20kW, we suggest using Resistance Box and Load Bank