Electronic Suppliers

The Basic Electronic Components.There are many ways to classify different types of electronic components but the most common way is to classify them in to three types:

  1. Active Electronic Components,
  2. Passive Electronic Components and
  3. Electromechanical Components

Descriptions of these Electronics Suppliers

1. Active Electronic Components - Strictly speaking, an Active Component is a device that acts as a source of energy, like a battery. But the definition of Active Components differs according to a few electronic engineers who perform circuit analysis. Active components are defined as the devices that depend on energy source and can introduce power into a circuit.

2. Passive Electronic Components - Passive Components cannot control the flow of current through them i.e. they cannot introduce energy in to the circuit but can increase or decrease voltage and current.

3. Electromechanical Components - When it comes to designing electronic circuits, testing and measuring various parameters like current, voltage, frequency, resistance, capacitance, etc. is very important. Hence, the Test and Measurement Equipment like Oscilloscopes, Multimeters, Logic Analyzers, Function Generators (or Signal Generators) are often used regularly.